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Electrical air heaters TANGRA ВА-Е

vazduho-otoplitelni aparati s elektricheski kalorifer• Description:

o The air heaters are designed for local air heating of premises with general use. 
o The units are working with fresh air, without inflammable or explosion-risk mixtures. 

• Construction:

o The air heaters are compact units built of the following elements:
- axial fan with motor - electric supply 220V/ 50Hz; protection class IP55 or IP65 (upon request)
- heating section - electric duct heater, consists of battery of electric heaters (covered type). Heating capacity is divided on three steps from 3kW to 6kW. Thermostat is provided to prevent overheating. Electric supply 380V/ 50Hz. 
- Housing - the supporting construction is a frame made of anodized aluminium profiles. Closed with panels of galvanized steel sheet, double anti-corrosion protected with powder-polymer coating. In the front side is mounted ventilation grill for air stream direction control in working area. Possible to be assembled with one of the following types of grilles: CBP-X or W/S (grilles with movable lamellas - winter/ summer for air stream direction). 
o Protection class - "FIRST" class - BDS 2099/1-90

• Options:
o On customer request the air heaters BA-E can be equipped with control panel (electric board).