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Floor convectors - TANGRA FFCU

Floor convectors


Floor convectors are modern equipment for heating and cooling, designed to be mounted underfloor in office buildings, stores and exhibition halls, apartments, houses and other premises. Very suitable for premises with large windows, where they are of functional and also esthetical importance. Floor convectors are used as main components or could be installed in combination with other types of heating/ cooling units. 

Operation temperature of the working fluid from -5 ºC to +55ºC. Designed to work with non-aggressive and non-sparkling environment. 


Supporting construction from galvanized sheet steel, double protection against corrosion with powder-polymer coating RAL 9006 with base components: 

•   Housing for incorporation in floor construction.
•   Embedded condensation tray with connector 1/2''
•   Heat exchanger "air-water" type made of copper pipes and aluminum lamellas. 
•   Tangential three-speed fans - 230V, 50Hz, IP10
•   Reusable air filter PPI 30 class G2 (EU2) - EN 779:2002
•   Service cover
•   Roll-up floor grille (RFG) made of anodized aluminum profiles with free area 70%
•   Mounting paste:
o  Leveling steps
o  Profiles for fixing the convector to supporting surface
•   Accessories
o  External acoustic insulation of the housing - FIREX 10mm, insulation class: Class-0-BS 476 PART 6
o  Pipe fittings (hollander, valves, adapters, etc.)
o  Electrical control - room thermostat with heating/ cooling mode and three-speed control of fans
o  Condensing pump - 2.0l/h; H=8m; 16W; 230V; 50Hz