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Swirl ceiling diffusers - CDN

Ceiling Swirl Diffuser For Ventilation & Air Conditoning TANGRA

•    Description
o Swirl ceiling diffusers are designed for fresh air supply in the ventilation and air-conditioning installations when fast uniform distribution of cold air in summer mode is needed.
o Suitable for heating of premises with height up to 3 m.
o Designed for premises where year-round cooling is necessary.

•    Modifications
o CDN-R – Round swirl diffuser
o CDN-S – Square swirl diffuser

•    Construction
o Constructed of galvanized metal sheets with electrostatic painting.
o Fixed number of blades, arranged on the decorative part ensures optimal air exchange at low noise levels.
o Standard colour RAL 9010, by customer request painting in all RAL colors is possible.

•    Installation
o Diffusers are mounted to the air duct system plenum box and flexible duct. Grille fixing to the plenum box is arranged with a central bolt.

•    Accessories
o Plenum box (+K)
o Regulation damper installed inside (+Di) or outside (+De) plenum box
o Internal insulation (+Ii) or external insulation (+Ie) of the plenum box
o Kit for plenum box fixing to Armstrong type ceiling (+МК), (for plenum box for diffuser tyoesize CDN 300, 400 и 500)

Ceiling Swirl Diffuser CDN TANGRA