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Round ceiling diffusers with adjustable blades "winter-summer" - SRD

• Description
o Designed for air supply in the ventilation and air-conditioning installations.
o Suitable for high premises.
o With regulation of the angle of air discharge is achieved high jet range in winter (in heating mode recommended position is 75°-90°) and uniform air distribution in summer  (in cooling mode recommended position is 30°-45°).
o Regulation can be manual (+М) or with electric motor (actuator) (+MD/…).

• Construction
o Constructed of steel metal sheets with electrostatic painting.
o Standard colour RAL 9010, by customer request painting in all RAL colors is possible.

• Installation
o Diffusers are mounted to the air duct system with plenum box and flexible duct or with joining adapter.

• Possible electric motors/ actuators
o ON/OFF - 230V – (+MD/230).
o ON/OFF - 24V – (+MD/24).

• Accessories
o Standard plenum box with side connector (+K)
o Joining adapter (+А)
o Regulation damper installed outside the plenum box (+D).
o Internal (+Ii) or external (+Ie) plenum box insulation