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Wall ventilation grille - CBP

•    Description
o Designed for ventilation and air-conditioning installations, where is required control of air flow direction and volume.

•    Construction
o Constructed of extruded aluminum profiles with electrostatic painting.
o Consist of decorative part – frame with incorporated horizontal (-Х), vertical (-В) or double directed lamellas (-II). The lamellas can be movable, thus allowing air distribution in one or two directions, or immovable (-Н).
o Easy air flow regulation is provided by a multiblade damper (+М).
o Grilles are constructed of two types of profiles:
L-profile (+L) or rounded type proile.
o Electrostatic painting in RAL 9010 as a standard, by customer request painting in all RAL colors is possible.

•    Installation:
o To the air duct system with plenum box and flexible ducts.
o Directly joined to the air duct.
o Directly joined to building elements.

•    Accessories
o Standard plenum box with side connector (+K)
o Regulation damper (+D)
o Internal insulation (+Ii) or external insulation (+Ie) of the plenum box.