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Подвижна жалузийна решетка - PJR


o Designed for air flow regulation in ventilation and air-conditioning installations. PJR ensure uniform air distribution after the unit and that differs it from single dampers.

o For bigger sizes double grilles with single control can be produced (PJR-D).

o Double multiple leaf dampers (PJR-BS) with single control are suitable for regulation of two air lows at the same time (inversely) or by-pass of recuperative heat exchangerair-air”.

o Working temperature range from -20°C to +80°C.

o Designed foe work in non-aggressive and explosion-proof environment.


· Construction

o Corpus and blades are constructed of special aluminum profiles.

o Outside the flow of working fluid is situated the cogwheel polyamide mechanism.

o Blades gasketing – PVC

o Contrary blades moving (one against other).

o Damper control can be with manual mechanism (+М) or with electric motor (actuator) (+А):

§  ON/OFF- open / close - 230V or 24V; 50Hz

§  Proportional – uniform regulation (analogue) - 230V or 24V; 50Hz

§  Spring-type (emergency function) - open / close or proportional (analogue) regulation - 230V or 24V; 50Hz. Suitable for systems with incorporated heat exchanger water-air

o By customer request is possible production of version from galvanized metal sheets (PJR-Zn),with additionally specified technical parameters.


· Installation

For installation in air handling units (inlet, mixing and recuperative sections), ventilation blocks or between elements of air duct installation.