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Air filters TANGRA AFR

• Description
o Designed for rough, middle and precise air filtration in ventilation and air-conditioning installations.
o Filters are classified in accordance with EN 779.
o    Group G: from G2 to G4 (EU4) – filters for rough dust.
o    Group G: from F6 to F8 (EU8) – filters for fine dust.
o Types:
AFR-V – Rectangular V-shape duct filters for middle filtration. Class G3 and G4.
AFC-** – Filter cassettes for rough and precise air filtration.
o    AFC-PR G2 – cassette with regenerative filter material, suitable for fan coil units.
o    AFC-S G3÷G4 – cassettes with flat filter.
o    AFC-V G3÷G4 – V-shape cassettes, suitable air handling units.
o    AFC-Z G4 – filter cassettes with folded filtration surface, suitable for heat recovery units.
o    AFC-B – pocket filters for precise cleaning. Class: from F6 to F8.
AFC-M* – metal filter cassettes for rough filtration of hot air and explosion-proof oil fumes. Suitable for incorporation into kitchen hoods. Class: G2.
o    AFC-MM – wire mesh filter cassettes.
o    AFC-ML – labyrinth filter cassettes.
o    AFC-MC – combined filter cassettes.
• Installation
o AFR-V filters are for incorporation at the air duct installation with flange connection.
o Filter cassettes type AFC-* are designed for incorporation in ventilation and air-conditioning equipment.
o The air flow direction has to be kept when installing.