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Plate heat exchangers "air - air" - REC

• Description
o Heat exchangers are designed for recycling of heat or cold of the exhaust air or gas from ventilation, air-conditioning, drying or technological systems.
o Work with air and gas with temperature from -40С up to +90С and maximal differential pressure between two streams 1000 Pa.
o Heat exchangers are not suitable for aggressive, flammable and explosive mixtures.
• Models
o REC AL – heat exchanger with aluminum lamellas
o REC PP – modular plate heat exchanger with profiled polypropylene lamellas
• Construction
o Heat exchangers present packages of parallel lamellas crossed one toward another this way ensuring the flow of two air streams without mixing. Lamellas packs are incorporated in corpuses, consisting of covers from galvanized metal sheets, connected with aluminum profiles for model REC AL and corner profiles from galvanized metal sheets for model REC PP.
o Air filters are installed at the inlets of the two streams in order to prevent pollution.
o In case of possible condensation, it is necessary to be provided gradient at least 3% in the direction of the air flow and condensation tray with incorporated water siphon.
o In case of possible freezing of the stream with condensation, it is necessary be provided automatic by-pass for the cold stream.
• Options – after individual request in the offices of Tangra-AV:
o Air filters at the inlets of fresh and exhaust air - section 02-03:
o Heat exchanger by-pass for fresh air - PGR-BS double multiple leaf damper with single control option (manual or automatic) – section 02-09
o Elements for control, regulation and automation: presostat for polluted filter and recuperator freeze protection of the exhaust air.
• Installation
Heat exchangers are incorporated in ventilation blocks and air handling units. Detached incorporation in rectangular air duct system with joined dimensions (B-40)/(H-40) or completed four sided with flanges from galvanized metal sheets is also possible.