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Electric heaters TANGRA ЕК

electric heater• Description
o Designed for air heating on supply side in ventilation and air-conditioning installations.
o Cannot be used with flammable and explosion mixtures.
o Protection class – „First” - BDS 2099/1-90
• Construction
o Corpus of galvanized metal sheets with flanges from steel profiles.
o A battery of electric heaters (covered type) with capacity Nеl. from 3 kW up to 48 kW. Heating capacity is divided in steps of 3 kW or 6 kW. The control options and steps number is defined when ordering.
o Emergency thermostat is provided to prevent overheating. The thermostat turns OFF the control signal in power board at 70°С.
o Power supply:
–    3-phase 380V/50Hz – standard version
–    Mono-phase 220V/50Hz – by customers request.
• Options    
o External corpus insulation.
o By customers request – power board with options for control and automation with additional elements of the ventilation installation.
• Control
o It is necessary EK power supply interlock with supply fan work to be provided.
o Manual n-steps control.
o Automatic control on 2- or 3-steps with controller and working thermostats.
o Fluent 1-step regulation with controller, working thermostats and frequency converters type SSR, incorporated into the battery of ЕК-N. In this case the unit length is increased with 200 mm.
• Installation
o Construction allows incorporation in the air duct installation or ventilation equipment with fkange connector. For service and inspection of the unit it is not necessary deinstallation.
o Air flow direction to be kept when installing.