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Fire dampers - РРК

fire damper• Description
o Designed to prevent the spread of aroused fire (flames and smoke) from one fire sector to another through the air duct system of the ventilation and air-conditioning installations.
o Dampers cover the criteria for impermeability (Е) and insulation capacity (I) for 120 minutes at pressure difference from 300 Pa.
o Automatic closed in case the temperature arises to 72°С.
o Normal damper position in exploitation conditions - open.
o Designed for work in non-aggressive and explosion-proof environment.
• Construction
Dampers are constructed of galvanized metal sheets. Protection element (fire damp louver) – plate type “sandwich”, consisting of two covers of galvanized metal sheets with profiles and insulation of ceramic wool between them. Dampers can be completed with two type mechanisms:
o    МT – mechanical release with spring action and thermal plate;
o    BT – electric motor (actuator) with spring action and thermo-electric sensor.
• Installation
o For incorporation into massive walls (δ≥160 mm) (fig.3), outside in front of the walls (fig.4) or at remote distance form fire protection walls (fig.5), the air duct from fire protection wall to the fire damper has to be made of proper material.
o Building opening has to be provided with deformation resisting supports, otherwise deformations can cause improper work of the fir damper. (fig.6).
o Easy approach to the release mechanism has to be provided – not less than 250mm (for service and maintenance). Easy approach has to be provided also, for at least one of the revision doors of the fire damper.
o Installation position of the damper does not depend on the air flow direction. Dampers can be installed with horizontal or vertical axis.