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High efficiency heat recovery ventilation TANGRA EVB HiE

Ventilation systems for maintenance of microclimate redound in decrease of energy expenses through high efficiency heat recovery ventilation units.
Mechanical heat recovery ventilation units allow supply of fresh and filtrated air to the premises, extract the dirty air and energy/heat recovery from the extracted by warming the fresh air.

TANGRA produce heat recovery ventilation since 1992. Striving to obtain the highest efficiency and quality standards, together with the most innovative technologies, TANGRA continuously improves and optimize the series of manufactured modifications. Our specially designed in-house machine technology allows us to produce wide range of heat recovery ventilation systems with high efficiency and module construction in order to easy the installation. 

The range of high efficiency heat recovery units TANGRA EVB HiE are produced with casing from aluminum construction with three types of panels (S, D25 & D50) in horizontal or vertical installation type.

All heat recovery units TANGRA EVB HiE comply with the Ecodesgin directive ErP 2016 & ErP 2018.

TANGRA EVB HiE ventilation units are suitable for installation in:
     Single family house
     Multi-family buildings
     Trade centers and shops
     Event halls
     Restaurants and night clubs
     Technical rooms and production facilities

The systems for ventilation with heat recovery TANGRA covers air flow from 150m3/h. up to 4400m3/h. with efficiency up to 88% (EN308).

All heat recovery units TANGRA EVB HiE can be equipped with intelligent control system TANGRA Smart. This allows smart control and management of the ventilation through mobile phone, PC, tablet or remote through Internet.