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Plate heat exchangers TANGRA REC AL/AL+

TANGRA is European HVAC producer since 1989 and has considerable experience in
production of plate heat exchangers, dating back to 1992. Striving to obtain the highest efficiency and
quality standards together with the most innvoative technologies, TANGRA continuously improves
and optimizes the series of manufactured modifications. Our own specially designed in-house machine technology allows us to produce lamellas with specific design, which obtain highest efficiency at lowest pressure drop levels.

The range of plate heat exchangers includes:
•  REC-PP, made of polypropylene and efficiency up to 50%
•  REC-AL/AL+, made of aluminium and effi ciency up to 65%
•  REC-HiE, made of aluminium and effi ciency up to 89%.

TANGRA REC-AL are made of aluminum lamellas that transfer sensible heat and guarantee no
transfer of humidity, odor or contaminations. All exchangers of TANGRA characterize with long life cycle, solidity and tightness, which allows installing not only in standard range of air handling units, but also in hygienic applications under VDI6022 and DIN1946.

•  Efficiency EN308 up to 65% (dry)
•  Air flow from 200m3/h up to 36 000m3/h
•  Pressure drop – one of the lowest on the market
•  Increased corrosion resistance - on request
•  No odor or contamination transfer
•  By-pass option available
•  Online calculation softwarе