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Chiller using natural gas - GHP Chiller

Yanmar’s reversible chiller GHP (Gas Heat Pump) air conditioning systems provide cost-effective and highly efficient heating and cooling for all types of buildings. Yanmar is the first company worldwide to have introduced 71 kW chiller gas heat pump driven by natural gas.

By incorporating a heat exchanger into the GHP unit, one gas heat pump chiller unit replaces the cooling tower, chiller and boiler. The GHP chiller connects directly to existing pipework and provides water at a wide range of temperatures, depending on your requirements. Yanmar GHP Chiller systems save space and resources, both for new installations and the replacement of existing HVAC systems.

Advantages :

     Save installation space and resources
     Heating and cooling from one unit, which allows no additional units (chiller for cooling and boiler for heating)
     High efficiency (СОР)
     Long intervals between maintenance visits
     Direct connection between the unit and the building system
     Incorporated heat exchanger for  „free” DHW in summer mode
     Extremely low electrical consumption (1.6kW in cooling mode at 71kW and 1.5kW in heating mode at 80kW)

Cooling capacity (Air/Water)    71.0kW
Heating capacity (Air/Water)    80.0kW
Cooling gas consumption (LHV)    61.2kW
Heating gas consumption (LHV)   51.2kW
Sound pressure level (Quiet mode)    59dB[A]