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Heat exchangers type "water-air"

water heating coil battery• Description
o Designed for air heating/ cooling in ventilation and air-conditioning installations using working fluid: water or low temperature liquid.
o Heating/ cooling water coils work with clean air, without any aggressive mixtures.
o Units are provided with 2 openings 1/8” for draining and installation of air valves.
• Construction
o Corpus of galvanized metal sheets with incorporated heat exchanger “water-air” – constructed of cuprum pipes with aluminum lamellas.
o Good contact between pipes and lamellas is achieved with mechanical distension.
o All water coils are tested in density at 30 bar.
o Maximal working pressure– 10 bar.
• Water coils types:
o Two-rows (2R) – mainly used in heating mode.
o Four-rows (4R) – mainly used in cooling mode.
o By customer request could be produced: six-rows (6R) and eight-rows (8R).
• Options – only by request in the offices of “Tangra-AV” Ltd.
o Drop separator with condensation tray – suitable for installation after cooling water coils with air speed in the inlet section > 2 m/s.
o Flexible connectors – Hollander type for dimensions up to 2”, flange type for dimensions over 2”.
o Frost protection – recommended to be installed on each water coils after heat exchanger.
o 3-way valve with electric motor (actuator) – temperature regulation after heat exchanger with air flow regulation or temperature of the working fluid.
o Circulation pump.
o Power board, controllers and automation equipment.
• Installation
Units are designed for direct installation on the air ducts (in-line systems) and also for incorporation in ventilation and air-conditioning equipment (air handling units).