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In TANGRA, we value the high quality of production and energy-efficient solutions. The combination of state-of-the-art production equipment and experienced professionals provides excellent quality, short production times and precision. Our production plants have specialized industrial equipment for the production of: climate chambers, energy recovery units, recuperators, pellet boilers, ventilation equipment, ventilation elements, gratings and chambers

Trade list

TANGRA is an authorized representative for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria at: - Soler & Palau Ventilation Group - Household and Industrial Fans - JohnsonControls HITACHI - Air Conditioning - YANMAR Energy Systems - Gas Heat Pumps and Micro Cogeneration - AFS - Flexible Air Ducts - Roen Est - Water Heat Exchangers - Nederman - Local Extraction - Eliturbo - Air stratifikators - Grundfos - Circulation pumps - Trion - Electrostatic filters